A typeface intended for situations where Oriya Sangam MN seems too sophisticated and LiHei Pro too vulgar, or vice versa. AUTHENTIC Sans explores the semiotic and aesthetic idiosyncrasies of the anonymous Latin glyphs included with CJK system fonts; the typeface aims to subvert the Eurocentric standards of typographic quality and refinement. Distributed freely under the WTFPL, AUTHENTIC Sans is a reflection of the studio praxis: expanding and redefining the visual and cultural boundaries of default systems. The typeface was first used on the booth poster for Cooperative Editions and Common Satisfactory Standard at the 2015 NY Art Book Fair.

Customers come FIRST

Our Mission & Vision

In 1984 Eastern AmericaTrio Products was created as a way to connect products to people. Peopleconsistently have basic needs that they need fulfilled. People constantly hadto find ways to buy these products and sometimes the products would be either tooexpensive or not of great quality. That is why the two founders decided tostart a wholesale distribution company that dealt with 99 cent stores, dollarstores, variety stores and discount stores of all types. With the belief thatquality products could be created at affordable prices we hope to share ourproducts with as many people as possible.

The Sayings &Culture

When you buy a productor go into a store what is your purpose for going into the store? Typically wehave noticed much too often that people go into a store to just buy some tool,headset or party accessories and we thought that is good that people can do that but the product can be more than just a product. Have you ever noticedthe philosophical sayings on a Trisonic, Powtech, or Sonitek package? If youhave how did it make you feel? Over the years we have received mixed commentsabout these quotes. The reasoning behind these quotes are that our company isnot just a company that creates products we also believe in how, as a company,we are part of the community and that the products are part of our daily lives.

The Customers &Products

Over the years we haveserviced many start up 99 cent stores, fulfilled dollar stores with products ona consistent schedule and helped source other wholesalers with products.Throughout all these years we have enjoyed doing this job. I mean it’s been 30years since we had our first customer. Most importantly the customers are whatmake our job so enjoyable. The ever changing pace of what the customer’s needsare and how they need them are the fuel to make us deliver exceptional service. While we continue to grow and introduce more and more products we hope thatall of our customers know how much we appreciate them. We are at 25-10 Ulmer StFlushing, NY 11354 and if you are ever around please stop by and say hello weare always happy to see a customer. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life ofthe candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. © 2017. Text via

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